Apakah kamu seorang pemula dalam bermain Keyboard ? Berikut merupakan Hal yang harus kamu hindari dan ketahui saat bermain keyboard untuk musikmu.

7 DO & 7 DON’T in Playing Keyboards:

  1. DON’T play chords on low register area!
  2. DON’T just play root chords all the time!
  3. DON’T play like a full band!
  4. DON’T play the same chord positions on both hands!
  5. DON’T play against the guitarist!
  6. DON’T use the transpose button!
  7. DON’T always play the 3rd note of the chords!
  8. DO play chords with leading note!
  9. DO play different rhythm on both hands!
  10. DO play variations of the chords!
  11. DO play long chords when music is busy!
  12. DO play with sustain pedal!
  13. DO play strumming chords every now and then!
  14. DO play interesting variations!

By : Agus Hardiman Artsonica

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